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Understanding Scorpio sign astrology information

Scorpio is both passionate and full of composure. He expresses himself with passion and passion in a constant quest for unconventionality and a violent desire to get to the bottom of things and to the end of situations. There is always a rich creative potential among the natives of this sign. Each of them will then make good or bad use.

The meaning of the astrological sign of Scorpio

Mars and Pluto are the stars that govern Scorpio, your instinct pushes you to express yourself with passion and to live intensely your emotions. You go to the bottom of things and to the end of situations. Sensuality and power guide you but your mind is above all rebellious, anti-conformist and critical. In your relations with others, you sometimes let appear a certain aggressiveness and even jealousy but fortunately your lucidity allows you to question yourself: you are in constant evolution. Indeed, scorpio is a sensitive, dynamic and attractive to the opposite sex. Passion, jealousy, and resentment can each invade you. You need to express yourself with passion and live intensely your feelings.

When you say "you are Scorpio sign" what does it mean exactly?

This means that the sun at birth is in this sign, in this fraction of the sky. However, the zodiac or birth chart is much more than that. Indeed, it consists of 12 signs and 10 planets that are placed in these 12 portions of the sky. And the richness and complexity of an astrological theme is precisely to connect the twelve signs between them and the interaction of the planets between them. In addition each sign does not represent a personality but just a fraction of it. It is the planetary study of all twelve signs that will give us our deep personality. Besides, we have all twelve signs in our astral themes. Let us now move on to the attributes of the Sagittarius sign taken out of context and separated from the astrological wheel.

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